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Another update on Neverending Nights? Well, here’s one… in March keep your eyes planted over on Bioware’s website… you just might see us mentioned over there – and not in the forums!

Let’s see – I will be working on edits for Episode 8 throughout the week (film and audio), if my PC permits it. My wife and Adam came together to get me a new pc – but it’s having issues with the C: drive. (It’s a used drive…) So anyway, hope to get Episode 8 done by the weekend. Episode 8 features the stunning voice of my wife, as Amiee the Armorer. It was a very fun episode to do – and I think it’s going to turn out quite all right. I honestly believe (and this is amazing with how harsh I am typically on myself when it comes to creativity of my own – well, Adam’s in this also – but anyway) – I think that each episode seems to get better and better. And I don’t mean just in video and voice editing/acting – although that’s improving – but also in writing.

While Paul was down, we recorded the audio for Episode 10 which introduces Pawl the Dorf, who was mentioned as far back as Episode 3 – and the infamous dwarf who gave our would be heroes the wonderful map they’re using!

Some more cool news – Adam got a Digital/Analog converter – one that works this time. The original one was shorting out. This one works. It’s going to require more audio editing by me, since it splits the recording into two different channels, but Adam says it makes a world of difference audio wise. I think the first episode that will feature that new recording will be Episode 9. Then it will be Episode 11 (since, as I said, we already did the audio for Episode 10).

I am looking forward to Episode 11… this is going to be a VERY fun episode. It’s the first episode that won’t star our two heroes – Peter and Grayson – or even Pawl the Dorf for that matter! Episode 11 introduces three new characters. Well, they will probably only be used in Episode 11 – but… hey, I think it’s going to be fun.

Oh – and while Adam was over, we planned out Season 2 and Season 3. We have the general ideas for the following two seasons, so if we can keep up with this – I think there’s plenty of material for us to use and enjoy.

Also, we installed the Bioware CEP (Community Expansion Pack), which will make it’s debut in Episode 11. If you have played NWN and have not seen the CEP – I highly recommend downloading it and installing it if you’re a world building. It offers some incredible new features to an already amazing game.

And I think for now… that should do it?

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