Feeling Featured.

Say What?
How the heck did this happen? Somehow I landed on the Featured User List thingie again!?

Well… I am amazed! Go me! Go me!


Anyway – what’s to say?

For anyone who might stumble onto my profile for the first time because of the featured user bit – might I suggest checking out a machinima Adam and I do entitled Neverending Nights! There’s even a 62 page thread about it here on RvB!

Another cool thing to do – while most people whore themselves out – I’d like to point out that I am pretty selective with people who I have on my friend’s list. So rather than just checking out my profile – I highly recommend checking them out – because more often than not, they’re much cooler than I am.


As luck would have it, on top of being featured user today – Machinima.com provided an additional surprise!

Check out whose up there for “Featured Shows!”

I just wanted to take a quick second and thank the folks of Machinima.com for putting Neverending Nights up on the front page as a featured show.

We’ve been at this for a little over a year, and it’s been an incredible journey so far – from being in PC GAMER UK, to being interviewed by Bioware, to landing in the M2T5FF… And now this! We’re in a community surrounded by some EXCEPTIONALLY talented people – so to have us up there is simply amazing to me.

Thanks to everyone from Machinima.com down to anyone who downloaded even one of our episodes, just to give us a try!



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