For Kathleen Zuelch.

Per Kathleen Zuelch… If you’re not familiar with her, she does the voice of Tex from the Red vs Blue series. She is one of the kindest people graced on this world and she recently lost her father to cancer…

You may know that my family and I have been deeply affected by pancreatic cancer. However, you may not know that pancreatic cancer is the nation’s fourth leading cause of cancer deaths, or that the low survival rate for this disease has not improved in 25 years.

Dad lived less then 2 weeks once he was diagnosed with the cancer. We need earlier detection and/or elimination of such a devastating disease.

That’s why I have joined forces with The Lustgarten Foundation. As the nation’s largest private supporter of pancreatic cancer research, The Lustgarten Foundation understands that research is our best weapon in the fight.

Now, thanks to a commitment by Cablevision to underwrite the Foundation’s administrative expenses, 100% of every dollar donated to the Foundation will go directly to pancreatic cancer research.

Together, we can give patients a fighting chance.

You can help. Please go to:


– Tawmis

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