Digging Through The Archive: Crackdown.

So back when the original CRACKDOWN game came out, Paul and I had thought about putting together PSA (Public Service Announcements) that would sort of parody the reality show COPS. We never got any further than scribbling some notes down; this was from 2/22/2009:

Crackdown PSA

Rookie – Paul

Sarge – Tawmis

Tagline “Swallow my Justice!”


–          Parody COPS

–          Intro at the station – Rookie tries to make some arrests and Sarge jumps out with a car and starts running people over and shooting rockets at them

–          Jump from tower

–          Rookie talks about gun safety on roof and Sarge yells tag  – Rookie gets blown up

–          The ship mission – Rookie is talking about drugs in the ship and Sarge comes blasting in

–          Car Jacking. Rookies tries to use a car – Sarge just yanks the citizen out.



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