Legend of Grimrock: The Series

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The creators of Fallout: Nuka Break embark on a high-fantasy journey with a new, licensed series based on the game Legend of Grimrock.



By popular demand, we’ve created new perks which will include NUKA BREAK DVDs & Blu-rays, as well as other Wayside work. We’ve received many emails from fans who didn’t have the opportunity to donate to our last Kickstarter, but who would still like a physical copy of the film.

Limited Perks:

Please note that, unlike listed in the pledge tiers, any limited perks are not included in other tiers.

For example, if you pledge $35 dollars for the T-shirt tier, you will get the digital HD film and “Special Thanks” credit but you will not get a copy of Legend of Grimrock 2.

High atop Mount Grimrock, an airship transports a group of prisoners escorted by armed knights. Each prisoner has been tried and sentenced by The Court for crimes against the king. The prisoners are thrown into the pit of Mount Grimrock, at which point their crimes are immediately absolved; however, no prisoner pardoned in this manner has ever made it out of the mountain.

We’re Wayside Creations, the team behind the Fallout: Nuka Break series, which was also funded on Kickstarter by fans of the game. Creating the Nuka Break series was an unforgettable experience, and we’re very proud of the final product—but now we’re ready to create a project that is our own, and we need your help!

If you haven’t seen Fallout: Nuka Break, check it out here:

Fallout: Nuka Break – Red Star

Fallout: Nuka Break – Season 2

Fallout: Nuka Break – Season 1

After finishing Nuka Break, we reached out to Almost Human, the creators of the independently-developed game Legend of Grimrock. We were captivated by the storyline and design, and believe it is a perfect fit for our fans. We were also inspired by Almost Human’s success story—even though conventional wisdom suggests there’s no market for an old school game like Legend of Grimrock, the Finnish indie team created their dream project anyway, and it was a hit. The Finnish creators are just as excited as we are to see their universe come to life in a new way.

The Legend of Grimrock live-action series will be directed by Vincent Talenti, who also directed Fallout: Nuka Break seasons 1 & 2 and Fallout: Red Star.

Chris Avellone from Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas, Knights of the Old Republic 2) is attached to the series as a writer.

The cast of Nuka Break (Tybee Diskin, Zack Finfrock, Aaron Giles, and others) will have a hand in development.

Ralis Kahn, our special effects supervisor from Fallout: Nuka Break, will return to oversee special effects makeup, including extensive Grimrock creature work.

Vic Mignogna (Full Metal Alchemist, Star Trek Continues), who played characters in every Nuka Break film, will return for a role.

Several other key creatives and production team members from Nuka Break are also returning for this series.

We’re excited to welcome Chalet Lizette Brannen to the Grimrock team with a featured speaking role in the series. At only eight years old, Chalet is already a veteran in film and television, and we could not be happier to welcome her aboard! For information, check out her IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5192551/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

The Legend of Grimrock series will be comprised of several episodes which will eventually combine into a feature-length film. We’re working closely with the game developers every step of the way to ensure our vision complements the world they created. Using Kickstarter tools, we’d also like to poll our backers often and implement their ideas into the film. We believe in making content that our fans want to see.

We’ve set our initial goal at $100,000, and we have several stretch goals prepared with tons of great perks!

It’s common for independent filmmakers to stay away from high-concept genres, like fantasy and science fiction, because production costs are high, (wardrobe, landscapes, visual effects, and so forth). Because of this, the typical route is to produce horror/slasher films for an easier sale. While these types of films are enjoyable, we’re more interested in creating what we really like. This is why we need your help. It’s tough for indie filmmakers like us to raise funds for a challenge like this, but we know that Kickstarter is the perfect place to prove that people do want to see an independently produced high-fantasy film.

If you’d like to see this become a reality as much as we do, please get involved and share this with everyone you know—spread the word via Facebook/Twitter/videogame forums/blogs/news outlets or any other place that people will find out about it. Don’t forget, Kickstarter has some great “share” options right under the video, so check them out and spread the word!

Thank you!

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