The Seer, The Page, The Smith & the Astral Traveler.

Tonight I met with my oldest friend (not oldest as in age!) Charles Stevens. He voices the lines of a new character in the series who is an Astral Traveler and helps guide our would be heroes for an episode. His wife, Tammy did the voice of our resident Seer who has glimpsed the future of our would be heroes. Their son Matthew plays the role of a young Page to a great warrior by the name of John the Journeyman (played by Alex Dartnall). And finally, their eldest (their daughter) Samantha (“Sami”) plays the role of a Smith, who will pass down knowledge that will be crucial to the final quest that the heroes partake in Season Three.

Still hoping to schedule a time with Adam and Amanda to have them come by to record their lines. They’re essentially the last set of voices I need other than a few minor ones here and there.

– Tawmis

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