Neverending Nights – Better than EVER before.

Back in 2004, when we started this series, we weren’t sure where we were going with it. Fast forward a quite a few years, we had managed to put out 65 episodes of this series, and actually pull together a cohesive, fun, story, about two lovable characters. Back in 2004, the idea of doing these videos in “high definition” was pretty ludicrous – especially, when I feel like in the beginning, we didn’t even have any experience with machinima. So, much like our beloved would be heroes, we were a bit lost ourselves.

Now, with better computers, better video software, the idea of doing a video in “high definition” is very probable. And this morning, randomly, I decided, I am going to do just that.

While the actors who lent their voices to the series have moved away, in many cases, that wouldn’t stop me from re-filming the episode, and just using the same audio.

The difference, when I was done, was pretty mind blowing.

Here it is on youtube:

And if you want to download, you can do so by right clicking this link to download it now!

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