Neverending Nights – Episode 13 – HD – In & Out, A Hero’s Tale.

EPISODE 13: IN & OUT, A HERO’S TALE: Peter and Grayson wake up from being rendered unconscious from the smoke in the cave… And wake up, to find that their good friend Pawl the Dorf still hasn’t returned! Peter and Grayson go and fetch some water, where Peter begins to “talk to the fish” – but stranger than that – a mysterious voice begins to speak directly to Grayson’s mind! As Grayson struggles to determine where the voice is coming from, Peter and Grayson decided that they need to seriously find their way out and resume this “hero business.” Will Peter and Grayson find their way out? Will they find their good friend Pawl the Dorf? This episodes answers those two questions, but begins the story of the voice in Grayson’s head… The mystery begins!

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