Episode 43: “Got Time To Kill?” Available For Download!

That’s right folks! I somehow even beat the weekend deadline I set for myself! (This is clearly some kind of record… so don’t expect it to happen too often!) So head to our video page and download Episode 43: “Got Time To Kill?”. All comments should be in the Episode 43 Comment Thread!

It’s a fairly large file (120MB or so) and the video is 5:11 in length! I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Platinum Edition, and after tinkering with the various possibilities (DV-AVI gives such beautiful quality… but the video was 1.04GB!) So I messed with it some more and found the WMV format the best, but also found I could completely customize everything (video quality, the video file dimensions, etc – much more control than Windows Movie Maker which was used to make Seasons 1 and Season 2). What I plan on doing is keeping each of the DV-AVI versions, so that when a DVD is made, it will be with the highest quality of video). Anyway, that’s all the small details – I am just so amped to have a new episode out, I don’t know when to shut up! So I will do so now!

– Tawmis

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