Episode 23: Oh How I Treasure… Treasure?!

The second – yet very brief – episode of Season Two has arrived! At a mere 12.1 megs in size – don’t blink when you watch this one or it might pass you by! But don’t worry, the episodes get longer. We’re just starting off the new season – so each one is setting something up! Just wait! (Well, because you have to!) Later episodes will definitely get longer! But let’s not discuss the future! We’re in the now! And right now, Episode 23 – Oh How I Treasure… Treasure?! (12.1 Megs, Right Click Save As…) is available for download!

Now while the episode may be brief – doesn’t mean your thoughts and comments have to! Fire away after you have watched it!

And Bonus Question: Does anyone know what it is that Peter picked up at the end? (If not, you will find out soon enough… it comes into play later!)

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