Neverending Nights Season 2 Soundtrack Still Available!

Help support the amazing talent of Travis Richards, who has composed some incredible music for us at Neverending Nights! You can buy the Neverending Nights – Season 2 Soundtrack on Cafepress! Do it now! Not only does it have Travis’ incredible music – he also added some BONUS TRACKS on the CD that you will not find anywhere else! I would tell you what it is – but I want you to click the link to the Season 2 soundtrack and go take a look yourself! And not only is it an awesome soundtrack by Travis Richards, and not only does it include two bonus tracks, but the price also dropped to $8.99! Seriously! How can you not go out and get this soundtrack?

Travis’ hard work is also being recognized by the machinima community as he is up for some possible music stuff for the Machinima Awards! How awesome is that? Do you seriously want to be the only one who didn’t buy Travis’ NeN Season 2 Soundtrack before he made it super successful? Go and get the Season 2 Soundtrack because it’s sure to be a Collector’s Item soon enough!

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