Closing our doors.

Hey folks. Just got an email from someone high up on the Bioware chain. It seems Neverending Nights was well received on the lower end of the totem pole at Bioware… but it apparently (slowly) made it’s way up the food chain and into the execs. Well, it apparently reached high enough where someone did not take kindly to us using Neverwinter Nights to use our machinima, and kindly asked us to cease production and close down the site. They’re giving us till April 15th to yank all the videos off our site here, then they will go through the channels needed to get it yanked off any other sites. They thanked us, and were very nice about everything. But they have to do what they have to do. So thank you all for riding the ride with us while it lasted – it’s been great! The person who contacted us about this was: Sloof Lirpa.

Think about it.

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