In the can!

Episode 8 is in the can! It’s been cut, diced, edited, and… Well, that’s it. But it’s pretty much near done. For some reason, there is a lot of audio feedback during the episode itself… Which I can’t figure out why. (Since later, it’s fine…) I considered calling Adam and asking if he wants to redo the audio for Episode 8… but poor Episode 8 has suffered enough setbacks. Also, Episode 9 begins the new recording system – so I figure you guys would gladly suffer one episode of some nasty background “humming” noise, just to get the dern episode at long last!

So, finishing up the last touches… and will be making it available as soon as possible! Thanks for sticking around during all of the delays!

Also, if you’re a fan of the infamous “Map” – you should head into our online store. Plenty of surprises there. Also added a few more new shirts, with more to come!

UPDATE: The hissing sound “issue” that centered around Episode 8 is pretty much resolved. Because I know you guys want the best, and you expect the best, from the best – I couldn’t let Episode 8 go out the way it was sounding. (Besides, since it’s the Episode that features my wife – she’d think I did it intentionally to use the hissing sound to cover up her “amazing” voice acting skills!) Anyway, I’d like to give special thanks to Market Pantry Orange Citrus Soda for keeping me company while I figured out how to fix the sound…

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