Lindsay Archer In Neverending Nights!

So now most of you have gotten a chance to see Episode 43 and 44 of Neverending Nights. Both episodes had a very special guest. Her name is Lindsay Archer. To say she is a dear friend of mine would to be sorely underestimating the statement. To give you a little back story, Lindsay and I “met” online about thirteen (or more?) years ago through an ElfQuest holt thing, where you could write stories or draw fan art, based on the ElfQuest world. When I saw Lindsay’s art in one of the fan letters, it stuck out above all the rest. Her art was beyond amazing. It was in another fan letter where I read one of her stories. This woman was amazing. Her ability to draw and write showed me how incredibly talented and creative she was. She was someone I was instantly drawn (no pun intended) to – and I knew I had to get to know her. So we swapped emails back then. She was very resistant to me. Very. Very. Very resistant. I have banged my head against the broadside of a cliff that was softer than the shell she had around her. But I knew that picking away at that shell that covered this artist would be worth it in the long run. As time passed, I think she realized I wasn’t going anywhere, and finally gave in. We began writing together, and soon broke off from the rest of the list (bringing with us another talented writer, Mary Jo Jeffers).

The three of us began our own little holt which last for quite awhile. Even when that faded away, Lindsay and I kept in constant contact. I insisted that she keep up with her art (as well as her writing – but especially her art). Lindsay and I finally met in person (I believe?) in 2005 after years of having chatted online, emailed, written, etc. When we met – we clicked. There was no awkwardness of having met for the first time – it was like two old friends seeing each other after a long time. In truth, that’s what it was, really.

Lindsay Archer is an amazing artist. One I would like to share her work with you. Her website details some of her incredible art. Within seconds of the page loading, you will see some of the art she has done… and if your breath is not taken away, well then you’re eyes need to be adjusted. Her site includes limited edition art, as well as printed collections, ink and water color pieces, and on and on. She’s also done some work for Margaret Weis Productions including The Supernatural RPG (one of the best shows on television, btw) and Serenity RPG.

I just wanted to share some of her amazing work with you. Because someone like Lindsay Archer deserves to be seen and heard by everyone. Rare is this world to give us such a beautiful and talented soul. And blessed is my life, for having gotten to know her.

– Tawmis

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