Audio Commentary… done!

Well, the audio commentary for the DVD was completed this past weekend (well, technically on Monday Night). Unfortunately, it only features Adam and I running our mouth about various episodes, and the many side convos we go off on. The original audio commentary also had Paul (Pawl the Dorf) sitting in with us – however, the file didn’t save and locked up the PC. So when we redid it, Paul was still at work. However, I did manage to record video footage of that original audio commentary (wait – video footage of an audio commentary? Sure!) – and may look into exporting that and making that available for download eventually.

Also, if you haven’t already – Adam and I (and Paul if he’s around?) are looking forward to doing the next NeN II Q&A: Electric Boogaloo. So if you have not already added some questions among the many already posted, feel free to log in and do so. We’re going to try and answer every question sent our way in that thread (so its looking to be a very long Q&A session). We will probably be closing the thread this weekend, to begin doing the Q&A itself the following week (or weekend).

PS: I am sure Adam would have loved to have written this update, but I think he’s still succumb to the Devil’s Drink and is probably still intoxicated.

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