Sweet Sound Of Music! Own It!

I am VERY proud to announce that Travis “Snafe” Richards (some of you know him as Travis Smith!) has compiled the music of Neverending Nights, for Season 2, into one fine CD with two additional bonus tracks of Pawl the Dorf (played by Paul Molina) singing – and now has it available for purchase!

This is the soundtrack for FNBH Production’s machinima series: Neverending Nights. The music is composed by Travis A. Richards.

Product Information
· Audio CD
· Number Of Discs: 1
· Packaging: Jewel Case with Booklet and Tray Card
· Release Date: 8/24/2007

1. A Neverending Night II
2. A Neverending Night II.x
3. Wander
4. Andrea’s Theme
5. Crimson Draco Legion
6. The Dark
7. Travelling Theme
8. The Shadow War
9. Destiny and the Blade
10. Farewell
11. The Goblin Get Down and Boogy
12. Dragon’s Lair
13. March to Glory
14. Mother (Crimson Draco Legion)
15. There Be Pirates!
16. The Salvation
17. Remorse
18. Tavern Ditty
19. Pawl Singing (BonusTrack) by Pawl the Dorf
20. Pawl Singing (BonusTrack2) by Pawl the Dorf

Purchase the CD – NOW!

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