Close friend helps develop a game!

From Jules, whom I love and adore –

I helped make a game, Apple approved it and it’s for sale this very second!

Remember a while back a group of fans got together on Ken’s site and tried to make a game? Well it never fell through but something did finally come out of it.

Together with JT Harkey, we developed a game for the iPhone or iTouch. It was JT’s idea from the beginning of which he programmed and I did the art.

Check it out! And if you’ve got $2.99 to spare, you know what to do *wink wink*.

Click on “Popcorn!” in the menu bar to see a youtube video on how it works!

(Oh and JT made the shnazzy site. Like my cow? :D )

/is very very very bouncy :D

– Jules

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