More Sponsory Type Stuff!

Well, for the sponsors we have been trying to give a little bit here and there (as we slowly plunge into filming Season 2 and working with NWN2’s game engine and differences from NWN1). We gave a look at some things sent into the Machinima 2006 Film Festival, we have given a sneek peak at what Peter will be looking like in Season 2 (in the NWN2 toolset), well – this time, our severely underpaid resident music talent and creator of music for Neverending Daze as well as Neverending Nights (Season 2), Travis Richards has been hard at work delivering some great music for us to have in Season 2. Well, he has come up with the idea of allowing sponsors to get a taste of one of the songs that will be in Season 2. In this case, it happens to be “Andrea’s Theme Song.” That’s right, the bad ass bitch has her own theme song. Evil always has it’s own theme song! It’s what really makes them so evil! I mean, would Darth Vader ever have been as popular (and evil!) as he was without “The Imperial March” – I think not! So for you sponsor people, keep your eyes peeled in the Sponsor Section of the forum for this free and very tasty download!

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