Post Turkey Day News! (For Ye Americans… Just another day for everyone else!)

So last night – Adam and I got to talking and we decided on something. We’re actually going to be continuing Neverending Nights Season 2 with Bioware’s game engine of Neverwinter Nights.

And it was for a number of reasons. While Neverwinter Nights 2 has a superior toolset (it’s SO amazing), and more emotes on the Beta Set (we learned later that there’s only about 10 to 12 on the release version, so they knocked out about 15 emotes!) – there were other factors to consider. First, we couldn’t find “the right look” for Peter and Grayson in NWN2. We came close, but it just didn’t feel right. And I think that’s important – having a look that matches that characters personality and voice. And none of them jumped out at us, when we tried to remake them in NWN2. And then of course, we’d have to remake everyone else (Andrea, Daniel, the goblins, etc). Another thing was, the entire set is already COMPLETELY built for Season 2 in the NWN1 toolset. So we’re saving ourselves time, trying to rebuild each set between episodes and causing more of a delay. And the final thing, that I think sealed it for me was – Season 2 was written with NWN1’s toolset in mind, so there’s creatures and what not available through NWN1’s toolset and CEP that are not yet available in NWN2. So those episodes would have to be reworked completely.

So what’s this mean? Well this means that the first episode of Season 2 should be coming out in about a week or two. (We’re going to enjoy this long weekend we’re given here in the US of A!) We need to film and grab everyone’s line for audio. Thankfully, just about every voice is local to us (only a few might provide a wee problem) – so the audio should be fairly easy to start getting done. And then the filming and editing – and we’re off and running!

Will we ever film in NWN2 for NeN…? I don’t know, but I’d say … I don’t think so. We’re going to save the “Neverending Daze” stuff for the NWN2 toolset. And you can look forward to a few more of those at least in the near future. (Atari still has Episode 05, and has for like a week now, and has not yet released it – so it’s up them when they let those episodes become available to the public)!

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