Acts of Kindness.

So, if you know me, you know I am a huge fan of Sierra games (Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory, Gabriel Knight, Conquests of Camelot/Longbow), and just recently, Christy Marx (who did Conquests of Camelot and Conquests of Longbow) for Sierra – but some people might know her from Jem and the Holograms which she also wrote – just to name a few – was one of the many people who was impacted by the recent fires in California.

In my efforts to make people aware of the impact, I used my other site, over at (a Leisure Suit Larry site) to document some of the things Christy Marx was sharing during the ordeal. You can see that here and here.

She confirmed that, sadly, her house was one of the houses burned down to the ground, and that they had lost everything.

Someone launched a GoFundMe campaign for Christy Marx. Because Christy Marx was a part of shaping my childhood – and more importantly through the Sierra games – my creativity… I knew I had to donate something. My wife’s birthday is in a few days, a small vacation is planned, and Christmas is around the bend – so money is obviously going to be tight. But I had to donate, just to give back something for what she had done for me.

So I donated $50.

Today, I got an email from PayPal that Brad Livesay had donated $25 to the Neverending Nights Donation link, with a note: a little thank you for the wonderful videos.

I don’t think Brad knows just how much that meant to me. Not because I had just donated $50 the day before, and now his donation to Neverending Nights helps half what I just donated. But the fact that, in a moment of my act of kindness, thanking someone who had creatively helped me in my youth; the next day, to get something and thank me for my own creativity and how someone else had enjoyed it.

Brad also reached out to me on the Neverending Nights Facebook page to send me a message and thank me there – and I thanked them for their donation. It truly means something to know that my creativity also was loved.

Much love,


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