An Astounding Return!

Today, I managed to sit with Chad Yantos and get some recording done. Now if you’re asking yourself, “Um, who is Chad Yantos?”

Think back. Think way back. Okay, now think a little further.

Remember… “I am Alan… Alan the Astounding!” From Episode 06 “He’s A Magic Man.” The Halfling Drunkard Mage In Green?

Chad Yantos voiced the character of Alan the Astounding! Due to conflicts in schedules, he was unfortunately unable to record with us at the end of Season One, and thus “Daniel the Destructive” was created to fulfill the role that was originally written to be Alan the Astounding‘s. Well, when I spoke with Chad and told him how this was the final Season of Neverending Nights, and I would love to have him do some cameo appearances in the final season of NeN – he agreed to it. After several weeks of trying to get him to record his lines, life was finally calm enough that we were able to sit down and get it done today.

So yes, ladies and gentlemen, sometime in the very near future… We shall be seeing Alan… The Astounding… once again. And he’s not happy that Peter and Grayson have robbed him of one of his most desired possessions…

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– Tawmis

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