I am proud to announce, I was able to recover about 99% of the podcasts from the series, and I was only missing two of them – 114, which I could find no evidence of – anywhere – and 177, which I found evidence of, just couldn’t locate the file. With the help of Axe_Edge I learned there never was a 114 – 115 was technically 114, but accidentally named as 115 and they just kept proceeding with the numbering. And pturner20 was able to get 177 over to me – and Brian Bloom was able to get me the few others that I had been missing – finally completing the collection of the podcast episodes!

Note: We had nothing to do with the NWN Podcast, other than appear in two episodes (and graciously mentioned in a few others by the hosts) – but the NWN Podcast was a pretty big deal in uniting the NWN Community members, so when the podcast ended (at 200), and the site eventually went away – I wanted to recover and restore the files for historical purposes. And have finally managed to do so!

Click the banner to visit the NWN Podcast page here on Neverending Nights!
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