Was someone who worked on Guild Wars 2 a fan of Neverending Nights?

Will Taylor gets the credit for spotting this and sending it to me. He’d been playing Guild Wars 2 when something caught his eye – and one of the characters said Define “Lost.”

Now it could be pure coincidence; but the Define Lost had been the subtitle slogan for our little show Neverending Nights since 2005 or 2006. And since Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy setting game, there’s a chance (because back in 2005, we’d gotten a lot of attention from Bioware, Machinima, and even the Machinima Awards) – that someone caught our little show and managed to squeeze in a very subtle reference to the show.

Define “Lost” (Close Up)
Define Lost (Video Snippet)

You can see for yourself in the Youtube video (also found by Will Taylor! Thanks again) right around the 13:10 mark.

Skip to about 13:00 or 13:10 to see it.

Once again, thank you Will Taylor!

  • Tawmis

Note: The video is someone else’s playthrough and not Will’s, just to be clear. He’d been simply playing, and not recording, which he reached this part. The video in question is just for reference!

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