Neverending Nights – Episode 55: “All Time ‘Lowe'” – AVAILABLE!

Neverending Nights, Episode 55: “All Time ‘Lowe'” is available!

This is perhaps one of the most special episodes of the entire series. Al Lowe honored me by accepting a role in the series. If you’re not familiar with who Al Lowe is, your life is missing a great piece. Al Lowe developed Leisure Suit Larry, Torin’s Passage, Freddy Pharkas, among of other games. It is without question or doubt, that I believe, had it not been for Al Lowe (and Sierra Online, at the time) I would have never developed the (odd?) sense of humor I have now, nor would I have ever gotten into computer games.

This episode means a lot to me because my childhood icon, who has proved that he’s just a normal human, like the rest of us, and still an amazing person – honored me greatly with this episode.

I could spend the rest of my days saying thanks to Al Lowe, and it’d never be enough.

But just for the record – thanks for everything Al Lowe.

Head to our video page to download Episode 55 (as well as the alternate version, while it lasts!)

Normal Version (Youtube) :

Alternate Version (Youtube) :

Normal Version (Facebook) :

Alternate Version (Facebook) :

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– Tawmis

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