New Episode On The Horizon!

Sorry about the delay with the episode! Have been taking some mini vacations and enjoying some time off. The new episode is in the works! However, the delay is further my fault because I made notes in the script of something I wanted to use, but then forgot to actually write the lines down – and thus, I forgot to get the lines over to Stephen Crouch to do the lines! However, Stephen is at Dragon*Con this weekend – which is fine. Because as it is, I will have minimal time to work on the episode this weekend as well (since it’s an extended weekend, there’s of course plans to go out and do things!)

Also, the interview questions were submitted to the folks of Cryptic Studios in regards to the new NEVERWINTER game, and hoping to get those back so we can post that for you! I am curious to see if – and how – they will answer the last question of the interview! I don’t want to say what it is – but it was something funny! But it would be awesome if they could follow through with it!

Enjoy the extended weekend (for those of you in the United States) and enjoy the regular weekend (for those elsewhere)!

And here’s the beautiful Sara, inventor of “That Kicks Rocks” –

Keep Kicking Rocks! (or KKR!)
– Tawmis

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