Episode 60! With Options!

I mentioned on our Facebook page (go “LIKE” it already!) that I wanted to do something different and explained what it was! With this episode, I wanted to release the regular version – as well as a HiRes version – which, to me – quality wise (video) – is like Night and Day difference! But then, the video size is also significantly bigger. So I didn’t want to move to exclusively making all of them HiRes. With unlimited webspace and unlimited bandwidth, I wanted to offer both. (I will be retro posting the HiRes versions of previous episodes as well). But I also wanted to do something different and release a .MOV version for anyone who is on a Mac. (The four of you out there in the world).

Episode 60 (Normal Res) – 544.91 MB

Episode 60 – .MOV version – 165.60 MB

Episode 60 – HiRes – 1.37 GB

Of course, there’s still Youtube and Facebook versions.

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– Tawmis

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