Neverending Nights – Episode 61 – “Reunited And It Feels So Good… (Wait? Didn’t We Use That Title LAST Season?!?)”

Neverending Nights
EPISODE 61: “Reunited And It Feels So Good… (Wait, Didn’t We Use That Title Last Season?!?)”

Writer’s Note: Our would be heroes are reunited with old friends… and meet new friends that help them thrust – quite drastically – our heroes closer to their goal to finding the Forge of Eternal Flame and putting an end to the questionable fate of the Dragon of Silver Lake! This is another special episode, for me – because it does reunite Pawl the Dorf and Ruth the Redeemed with Peter the Ranger, Grayson the Fighter, and Amiee the Armorer! I loved filming them together, because there’s a far more dramatic and drastic look of difference between all of them! Also, this episode introduces Tammy Stevens, the wife of Charles Stevens, and a very dear friend of mine as “Madame Marie” the psychic. It also introduces Charles and Tammy’s incredible daughter (whom I love with all of my heart as well!), Samantha Stevens as “Sam the Smith.” I really enjoyed the whole look and feel of this episode. The Episode 61 High Quality is available for download, just be aware it’s 1.4GB in size. The .MOV will be made available later.



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– Tawmis

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