Episode 62 Available – For Download.

Neverending Nights
EPISODE 62: “The Forge of Eternal Flame.”

Writer’s Note: Grayson the Fighter, Peter the Ranger, Amiee the Armorer, Ruth the Redeemed and Pawl the Dorf reach The Forge of Eternal Flame. Learning what Pawl has from Sammy the Smith, Pawl must forge The Blade of Destiny anew as the heroes prepare for the ultimate and final battle against the fabled Dragon of Silver Lake. Is the Dragon of Silver Lake dead, like all the rumors say? Or is the Dragon Of Silver Lake alive, and luring heroes to their death with promises of massive treasure (from a dragon that many think is dead)! These questions will soon be answered; and everything will be made very clear – very soon! This episode, over all, is very short – as it centers on finding the Forge of Eternal Flame; so a large segment of out takes from Episode 61 and 62 was attached to the end of the episode. As always a normal version (WMV) of the video, which is 346MB can be downloaded by clicking the thumbnail of the image of the episode. The High Quality Version of the episode can be downloaded by clicking this link for a file size of 1.1GB.

Comment here on our forum about the episode!



Comment here on our forum about the episode!

– Tawmis

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