Happy Birthday To Our Music Master – Snafe!

Happy Birthday to Travis “Snafe” Richards!

There’s no words really that I could even properly express my thanks for whatever gods (or goddesses!) brought Travis into my life as a friend. Travis started off as a fan of Neverending Nights, got a hold of me, as we were going into Season 2, and offered to do some music. I was more than open to hearing what he had to offer. I remember hearing his music way back then – and thinking how amazing it was that he was composing and putting these songs together – on his own. To be able to – even digitally – put all these instruments together and make it sound like these wonderful pieces blew my mind away. I eagerly accepted his music and informed him, whatever he had to offer, I would love to hear. I brought Travis on as Staff (which has no benefits, since we make no money off NeN, and do it because we’re just passionate about the series). Travis joined because he enjoyed the series, and he was – clearly! – passionate about music. It’s amazing when I think of his music back then and how much I enjoyed what he did for us – and to think of the pieces he’s given us for Season 3. His music has improved so freaking much. And it was ALREADY incredible back then. He’s managed to pull off pieces that sound like they’re from game scores (his piece “Sunrise”) reminds me so much of Final Fantasy. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference – and that’s not to say he’s copying Final Fantasy – rather, that his pieces now sound so absolutely professional.

Travis’ music has helped push Neverending Nights up several notches, I believe. Not only did we grow (as we did the series) – but the music grew with it. We now had this incredibly talented person willing to do these pieces for me when I asked him for specific mood pieces – and that helped to keep pushing Neverending Nights in a growing direction. I believe with Season Three, we have grown so much as a series – in the music, the writing, the editing – everything. I am glad I got to grow up with Travis with this series. I couldn’t imagine it without him and the wonderful music he’s given us.

Whatever gods (or goddess) brought Travis into my life – and thus, into the life of Neverending Nights – and thus into yours – well, I am thankful. Head to our forum and drop him a message if you’re so inclined.

– Tawmis

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