An Update To The Update About The Hawk! (And EXCELLENT news!)

So again, I was surprised by another email by the awesomeness that is Sarah Whorley!

Hello Tawmis,

You’re so very welcome! I only wish everyone was as appreciative and understanding as you are about our limitations.

I saw the nice blog post you did with the hawk update and I wanted to give you another update. I was able to find out the disposition of the hawk – he was actually released on April 17 after spending a little over a month in rehabilitation with a Satellite Care volunteer.

Your story is such a great one – would you mind if we used it in one of our newsletters or on our website?

Thank you again for your care and concern for this hawk – if you had not intervened he would likely have been fatally wounded or killed.


Sarah Whorley
Communications Coordinator
Project Wildlife

Hotline: 619-225-WILD

I was happy to agree to having the story mentioned. That’s great. But the best news was that the Hawk did survive. And also, was released April 17th, back into the wild! That makes me so utterly happy! I wish I could have been there to see him fly free once more. But his recovery is what truly matters! Thank you Sarah Whorley for making today awesome.

– Tawmis

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