A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away… (Part 1)

So a long time ago, a group of us (most who have or have had parts within the Neverending Nights series) used to play Dungeons & Dragons just about every other Friday (many, many, many years ago – we were still playing 2nd Edition, if that tells you how long ago it was).

Well I have always doodled (I don’t call what I do “drawing” – which is why there’s that whole joke about the “One Eyed Elf” Drawing) – and I used to doodle in a book during the games (usually a reflection/doodle of what was happening in game, but with a funny twist – like once the DM said, “You see a band of goblins ahead” – and I drew goblins singing and playing musical instruments, and called it “A Band of Goblins”).

Anyway, because of my lack of artistic talent (but my ability to write) I decided to use the comic strip characters from “Knights of the Dinner Table” (and art) and make my own ‘comic’ using those characters. In a way, I should have seen it that I would eventually do machinima (I mean, isn’t it the same thing? Using someone else’s hard work to make your own creativity?) Anyway, I recovered almost all of the comic strips that were made (like 10+ years ago!)… and in some there’s spelling errors (the most glaring one is the one that says Congrats to Paul and Christi, for their wedding…) But anyway, figured I’d post a few at a time, while we count down and work on the final episode of Neverending Nights. In many ways, this comic strip is the prelude to my venture into machinima.

– Tawmis

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