The Final Nexus Battle (Round 5)

There’s more of the D&D comics to come – but I recently came across something else I had done. So way back in the days before the “Internet” (some of you can’t even imagine a world without the internet, eh?) – people used to connect to one another’s computers via BBS Software. If you’re asking yourself what the heck is a “BBS” – well, it’s a Bulletin Board System that allowed … You know what? Just read the Wiki Article of it over here.

Anyway, so back in the day, when I used to run a BBS, there was this whole idea of creating these things called “The Nexus Battles.” (The Nexus was the name of my BBS). The idea was to use Mortal Kombat characters as different users on my BBS, and make this “Story.” So it was basically the BBS meets Mortal Kombat, and how these users would be entered in a BBS version of “Mortal Kombat.” (It’s basically me, once again using someone else’s hard work, to create my own little thing… I tell you, looking back, I was clearly either destined for machinima or a life of crime…)

Anyway, while cleaning out an old photobucket account, I found most of the Nexus Battle images. So I figured, I’d share the first round of images… A lot of these deal with inside jokes – that, now over 10+ years ago – I can’t even remember…

Round One of this Madness is here.
Round Two of this Madness is here.
Round Three of this Madness is here.
Round Four of this Madness is here.

– Tawmis

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