Neverending Nights – Episode 01 to 10 (Recap)

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Episode 01 – I figured I’d repost these episodes every once in awhile and discuss something about them. For example, it seems like a good place to begin with the very first episode of Neverending Nights! (And by all means, feel free to click “SHARE” to share these videos on your wall and bring us some more fans!)

Episode 02 – With Episode 02, we did away with the attempt to make the episodes look “Wide Screen.” We tried to go “Full Screen” – but couldn’t get the video card to properly capture… Yes, we – at the time – we using a video capture to try and capture the episodes. (Like I said, we were still learning)…

Episode 03 – This episode introduces the now (in)famous map that Peter and Grayson would try to use in their quest to slay the dragon. Listening to this episode, I sometimes wince at the quality of the audio and acting! So amazed at how much we improved in every regard (writing, acting, quality)

Episode 04 – This episode introduced two jokes… The “That’s our campfire!” and the “One Eyed Elf” drawing. I feel like in this episode, we were getting a better feel for how “machinima” worked… but we still had quite a bit to improve upon (and we did in later episodes!) There are some classic moments in these older episodes, however.

Episode 05 – This was the first episode to include one of our friends, that began the long line of “personal jokes.” For Poppy, she absolutely loves salt (she puts salt on everything – including on her salt!) This episode was also the last episode to be a part of the PC GAMER UK bit. Ironically this episode would be the catalyst for the ongoing joke of “Pepper Flavored Salt.”

Episode 06 – This episode introduces Alan the Astounding. There was plans for Alan the Astounding to have an ongoing role in the series (he would go after the heroes for stealing his magical coin regenerating purse), however the actor was unable to schedule the time needed to record the lines later down the line.

Episode 07 – This episode begins the ongoing joke that goes on throughout the entire series about the “Ice Cube Monster.” The explosion of the “Ice Cube Monster” is a spoof of anime cartoons (where, when something explodes, it’s shown from ten different shots of the same thing exploding). This episode also makes use of the salt that was gained in Episode 05.

Episode 08 – This episode introduces “Amiee the Armorer” who seems to have a pretty innocent role. But as it was revealed in the third and final season, she was actually working for the Forces of Light and keeping an eye on Peter and Grayson (which explains why we continue to see her throughout the series as a vendor, where ever Peter and Grayson end up!)

Episode 09 – This episode is interesting, because it was originally voiced by someone named Chris, who was later replaced after a falling out. So there’s an extremely rare version of this video out there on the web with the original voice actor.

Episode 10 – This is the episode that introduces the Pawl the Dorf character. This episode is the first episode that shows the goblins, that ended up becoming extremely popular after the debut of the three main goblins in Episode 11.

– Tawmis

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