Neverending Daze – Episode 06.

When ATARI was in the process of making MASK OF THE BETRAYER for the first NWN2 expansion, they once again contacted us and asked if we were interested in creating some promotional machinima pieces. Once again, we agreed. Sadly, with the release of NWN2, some of the characters we had used in the previous episodes of NEVERENDING DAZE were no longer available. So a new cast of characters was created; this time with only three (intended to be Adam, myself and Paul). However, Paul was unable to record, so I did the voice of both the halfling and the dwarf in this episode. The episode was made to show off various things available in the expansion (Wild Elves, some of the new classes that became available, etc), with the final being a Blue Dragon. Since the phrase “Don’t tase me bro!” was still popular (at the time) – I made a reference to it at the very end.

– Tawmis

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