Neverending Skewl Daze.

If, at any point, while I was writing NEVERENDING NIGHTS, someone would have told me, “Hey! Peter and Grayson could be used for some kind of school project!” I would have laughed. If someone told me that they would to have Peter, Grayson and Neverending Nights be a part of their final paper in College – I would have scoffed (and warned them that doing so would doom them to failure). So when Poppy (our beloved Salt Vendor) came up to me with the idea of using Neverending Nights for her College class paper – I couldn’t help but chuckle. Since it was for her class, she wrote the script herself (with a little input here and there from Adam and I about how the characters would react) – but since a large part of it had to do with things that were way too intelligent for Adam and I to understand – we left the writing of the majority of the script to Poppy for this. The script was voiced by Poppy, Amiee, Adam and myself; who had experience recording for Neverending Nights. But the rest of the people on Poppy’s team had not done anything like this and had to be a part of the project – and thus voice characters. Some really got into it, some were really monotone, and some were VERY giggly (that may have been the wine). At any rate, this was exceptionally fun to do (even if we didn’t understand the subject matter at hand), to work with new people and see them in front of the mic, and see how they designed their own characters in the toolset and how they laughed when voice and character were combined to make them come alive.

The Outtakes are by far my favorite. Be advised there is CUSSING in the out takes and it is NOT child friendly.

– Tawmis

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