So why did we do machinima instead of live acting?

So thousands – perhaps millions! – of people have told us, “Man! You guys are really funny! But why did you guys do Machinima instead of a live acting video of some kind?”

I pondered this for a moment. Then dug through the archives of videos we had done, for live action – and found my answer. Because, in front of the camera, we’re really horrible actors! (Hey! You! In the back! I heard that about we’re bad voice actors too!) At any rate, Adam and I had made a video back in 2004, while we were out camping – to essentially spoof ourselves! We made a video, as Peter as Grayson – in the modern world. (Pay attention to how we emote sometimes; you will see they’re references to how the characters emote in Neverwinter Nights). This videos dates all the way back to 2004. The story was fun (there’s some mistakes that we overlooked, “Hold on, let me get a note and a paper so I can write a note to my loved ones…”) – but the real fun happens at the out takes at the end (because that’s Adam and I at our best!)

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