Down Right Awesome.

The Down Syndrome Buddy Walk is just around the corner – and Team Down Right Awesome is ready to march! Would love if you could come by, either walk with us, cheer us on, or just think of us while we do the walk!

When Dexter was born, my life was changed. And he’s not even MY son. He’s the son of Jason and Colette Cosky, whom I love very much. But when Dexter entered my life, it definitely changed. I suddenly wanted to fight for a better tomorrow. Not just for myself, but for Dexter. I wanted him to be able to achieve every dream he could muster; I wanted him to walk in a world without any limitations or prejudice.

When I signed up for the Buddy Walk Last year, it was all about Dexter for me. I swore I would use every resource, and medium, and whatever it took to ensure Dexter got everything he ever wanted out of life. But as I did the walk, I saw others with Down Syndrome and suddenly realized – I wanted them all to have the life they deserved. A life without limits. A life… Full of Hope.

This is me, asking you, to take my hand and help me make this real.

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