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Just passing the word for the Pathfinder MMO Kickstarter…


The end of 2012 is just around the corner, bringing an end to Paizo’s 10th anniversary year! Thanks to all of you, we’ve had an amazing year, and we’re geared up to have an even better 2013! Most of the Paizo elves are off to their homelands for a little holiday R&R with family and friends, but I’m here in the office typing this missive because I have something very cool to tell you about.

As you’re probably all aware, our sister company Goblinworks is running a Kickstarter to help scale up the development of the Pathfinder Online MMO. We are closing in on the 50% funded mark as I type this, and things look good for hitting our goal. I really want to thank everyone who has supported the project, either by pledging or by telling friends about it—or both!

Paizo’s community is very strong, and that includes friends at many excellent third-party publishers that make roleplaying products for use with the Pathfinder RPG. I reached out to those publishers and asked them if they would be willing to donate a PDF or two (or sometimes even more) that we could bundle up and offer as part of the $100 rewards level for Pathfinder Online Kickstarter backers, and the response has been absolutely amazing—including Paizo’s own contribution, it currently includes 42 products from 29 different publishers, with a total retail value of $230.12! Here is a list of what’s currently in our PDF Superpack—publishers are still joining in, so this list could grow even bigger!

Paizo PublishingPathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms
0one GamesBasic Paths: Fangs from the Past
4 Winds Fantasy GamingInkantations: A Sourcebook of Tattoo Magic & Body Art
Abandoned Arts GamesClass Acts: Clerics, Class Acts: Fighters, Class Acts: Rogues, Class Acts: Wizards, Feats of Subterfuge
Above Average CreationsOracle Curses
Alluria PublishingCerulean Seas Campaign Setting
Dragonwing GamesTorn Asunder: Critical Hits
Drop Dead StudiosThe Artisan
Ennead GamesBackground and Details Kit, Vol. I: Fantasy, Hive Mind Feats
Eridanus BooksGritter, Veil of Truth: Corporate Solution
Faceless EntertainmentEat, Drink, and Be Merry #1: The Giggling Gorgon
Fat Goblin GamesRacial Ecologies: Guide to the Feyborn
Four Dollar DungeonsThe Firemaker
Game Room CreationsThe Modern Path: Arcana of the Modern World, The Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World 2.0
K2 GamesClassic Encounters Revisited: The Inn
Kobold PressZobeck Gazetteer
Lost Spheres PublishingTranscendent 10—Spells of Synergy: Elemental Exchanges
Louis Porter Jr. DesignEnemies of NeoExodus: Folding Circle
Pelgrane PressLorefinder
Purple Duck GamesThe Gods of Porphyra, Legendary I: Legendary Blades, Purple Mountain I: Temple of the Locust Lord, Random Encounters Remastered
Raging Swan PressAll that Glimmers, Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands, Scions of Evil
Rising Phoenix GamesLunatic Labyrinth
Shadowland PressSecrets of the Synod Horrenda: Conjuration Spells
Solace GamesUndead Evolution Series: Zombies
Thor’s GateBook of the Summoner
Tilquinith’s Gaming ToolsCreature Stat Cards
Tricky Owlbear PublishingLearning Curve: Apprentice-Level Characters
Zaboom PressUnusual Races: The Del’shy
Zombie Orpheus EntertainmentThe Mask of Death
Zombie Sky PressThe Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Prelude

This generous PDF Superpack now makes the $100 Crowdforger level on the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter one of the best deals in gaming! Here’s what you currently get for your $100 pledge:

  • Early access to the Pathfinder Online MMO
  • Four months of prepaid Pathfinder Online subscription time
  • The 128-page Emerald Spire Superdungeon PDF, with dungeon levels by Keith Baker, Rich Baker, Wolfgang Baur, Jason Bulmahn, Ed Greenwood, James Jacobs, Frank Mentzer, Erik Mona, Mark Rein•Hagen, F. Wesley Schneider, Lisa Stevens, and James Sutter.
  • The Emerald Spire Dungeons Flip-Mat Multipack PDF, featuring 12 different full-size minis-scale maps of the dungeons
  • The digital soundtrack to the finished Pathfinder Online MMO
  • A 32-page behind-the-scenes Pathfinder Online PDF
  • The Pathfinder Tales novel Crusader Road, by Rich Baker, in PDF and ePub formats
  • Nine WizKids Pathfinder Battles prepainted miniatures, available for the first time in this Kickstarter
  • 30 unique “Daily Deal” in-game digital items for Pathfinder Online that will be available nowhere else
  • A New Player Pack of healing potions, scrolls, weapon enchants, maps and a bag of holding
  • An Alliance Pack that gives you benefits from allying yourself with one of the NPC factions in the game
  • The PDF Superpack of 42 RPG products

Conservatively, the combined worth of these items is over $400 at retail, and you can lock them in for a $100 pledge. Even if you never play the MMO, you will get so much value in tabletop RPG goodness that you are essentially getting the MMO for free.

But we are hoping that you will use your early access to the Pathfinder Online MMO to take part in the crowdforging process, where we will be working with you to create an MMO that will be distinctly Pathfinder and will break new ground in the MMO field. I truly believe that once you have seen what we are creating for Pathfinder Online, you will feel that a pledge to this Kickstarter will be well worth it.

And the package of items you get for the $100 Crowdforger level will only get bigger as we move towards the end of the Kickstarter. If we exceed our funding goal, we will be adding more levels to the Emerald Spire Superdungeon and creating more Flip-Mats for those levels, and we will add more Pathfinder Battles miniatures. There is no limit to how big these two rewards can get. We’ll probably get a few additions to the PDF Superpack, and we have other surprises in the works that we’ll be announcing soon.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’m making this deal too good to pass up! Help us make Pathfinder Online bigger, better, and faster, and in turn, we will give you over four times that value in Pathfinder products for your tabletop and for the MMO.

From all of us at Paizo, happy holidays—here’s looking forward to an adventurous new year!

Lisa Stevens
CEO, Paizo Publishing, LLC
COO, Goblinworks, Inc.

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