Just wanted to say thanks…

A long, long, long thanks! (NeN Related)
So when Adam and I started Neverending Nights – we never really expected much. We hardly expected it to really go beyond five episodes. Now we’re fast approaching Episode 21, the end of Season One! And it’s been an incredible voyage so far!

We’ve been in PC GAMER UK, Interviewed by Bioware (the makers of Neverwinter Nights, as if you didn’t know that already, right?), we were an official selection of the Machinima 2Thousand5 Film Festival, we’ve opened an online store, found ourselves mentioned on quite a few other sites and forums, found our videos on Machinima.com (the kind folks who also offer Quicktime Streaming versions!), we had a brief appearance in MachiniMag #7, and on and on and on.

But you know what is always very cool to me?

The “fans” of the series. When Adam and I kicked this off – like I said – we didn’t expect to do more than five episodes before losing interest. We never imagined we would have “fans.”

We’ve been blessed enough to have a fan ask for our autograph, and even autographed TMRiddle’s copy of Neverwinter Nights! Nameless, one of the users here (who doesn’t pop in so much) even launched the first ever (and probably ONLY!) Neverending Nights Fan Site! We have also had Derek of OriginalConsole.com made a few cool NeN Wallpapers using his comic sprites, among other pieces of fan art by several others! All of that has been incredible – and I thought I had seen it all! Then, sotc comes along and surprises us by showing off a cool NeN necklace she had made! Talk about cool! I was totally floored!

All seemed quiet in the fan section! Until just about a week ago. A user on our forum, SnafeDarkrold contacted me about a musical piece he had created, inspired by Neverending Nights. Naturally, I was floored to hear this. So when he sent me the piece, I really enjoyed it! I edited the file to include information about himself and NeN – and have uploaded the mp3 of Neverending Nights – Fanfare here! (Right Click, Save As… Less than a meg in size).

So I just wanted to take a quick second and thank you all – whether you have done a piece of fan art, launched a fan site, made a necklace, or made a musical piece – or even if you have done none of that, and you simply enjoy our videos – Thanks!

Now, I will cease my rambling for now and pass out.


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