Hey! That’s us! We’re like totally infamous now!

The folks of Machinimag.com have released the latest issue of their PDF online magazine! Lucky issue #7 proved once again to be our lucky number! Why’s that? Is Neverending Nights mentioned? Well. No. Not really. But if you look closely – well, not even closely – you will see the ugly mugs of Adam and I both in the picture (Adam even got in twice!)

So go on! Download MachiniMag #7 (10.9 megs of goodness!) and give it a look! And don’t forget to bookmark their site for future issue releases! These guys can’t be all that bad if they’re bold enough to shove pictures of Adam and I in there!

Here is a snippet from the awards show where the Godfather of machinima thanks Me for all my hard work. I think he thanks Tom too but I really wasent paying attetion.


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