Neverending Nights – Season Two? Not quite…

OMFG?!?! Season Two of NeN?!?!?

Not quite!

But if you’re jonesing for a dose of Peter and Grayson (and come on, who isn’t? Even straight men want a ‘dose’ of Peter and Grayson!) Well, Poppy (and her “team” – Johnny, Stephanie and Marcelo) wanted to do their “Post Modernism Theory” using machinima. So Adam and I agreed to help. However, all of it is written by Poppy, Johnny, Stephanie and Marcelo – except for the answers we give Stephanie in her Q&A session with Peter and Grayson. In that case, Adam wrote my answers (for Peter) and I wrote his answers (for Grayson). The video is a total of 13 minutes and some change, and leads into a 74 meg sized file! But you should definitely download it! You might learn a thing or two about Post Modernism Theory – and if you do, please email Adam and I … because even after all of this, we still have no idea what we talked about!

Head into this thread to grab the URL of the video and enjoy!

Also, last night we completed the following people’s roles for ALL of Season Two of Neverending Nights – Adam, Myself, Paul, Amanda, Myoki, Aim, Poppy, Hannah and Jeremy! That leaves us with a few more voices to grab from our actor peeps! So Season Two SHOULD come out on a much more… regular schedule. And should have a lot less lag time between episodes!

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