Season 2 Has Begun!

It has beguns!
Season Two has officially begun and the first episode is out…

… for the sponsors!

That’s right, if you have sponsored us – you can now access the Sponsor forum and download the madness that is Episode 22 of Neverending Nights – the very first episode of Season Two!

But don’t worry, non sponsoring people! This isn’t the end of the world! No, sir (or ma’am)! In one week from today, there will be a public listing of Episode 22 for you to download! You just have to wait a week (or get in there and sponsor us, and get it sooner!) All the episodes of Neverending Nights will always be available to sponsors ONE week before it’s released to the public – just a way for us to thank those who sponsor our bandwidth and website!

But fear not – this is a gift for everyone – the Season 2 Wallpaper!

[image no longer available]

Just right click it and set it as your wallpaper and you can always have Peter and Grayson with you!


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