Neverending Nights Videos.

If you’re reading this, hopefully you know what this site is about. A comedy series of two, would-be heroes named Peter the Ranger and Grayson the Fighter – off to find fame and fortune… so they never have to pay for another beer again!

Each season of this series is 21 episodes.

In Season One, the would-be heroes get the idea that they should go kill a dragon (because that sounds easy, right?) to become rich and famous!

In Season 1, our heroes get a map from their good friend, Pawl the Dorf and begin following it. The map, as they quickly discover is not a very good map. Almost immediately, the dynamic duo gets lost and ends up in the town of Galana, where they meet a few interesting people like Poppy the Salt Vendor and Alan the Astounding. From there, they venture on and meet Amiee the Armorer, as well as their good friend, Pawl the Dorf who ends up joining them on their quest. By the end of the first season, they discover the location of a dragon – but, things are not always what they seem to be!

In Season Two, they discover that the dragon isn’t evil – and actually gives the two would-be heroes another quest – to go save a maiden in distress!

Things begin to escalate rapidly for our heroes. They’re unaware that a lethal assassin is after them (who is also accompanied by a rambling mage). Pawl the Dorf meets an untimely ending; but that’s not the end. (Does that make sense?) Grayson discovers that his sword is able to speak with him telepathically – and by the end of this season, they find another dragon. Unfortunately, this one is indeed evil and quite powerful!

As if matters couldn’t get worse, in Season 3 our heroes awaken in a jail cell, not even entirely sure how they ended up there.

After a moment, they recall that Grayson rushed the evil, red dragon and struck it with his magical sword – which caused an explosion, knocking them both unconscious, and apparently slaying the Red Dragon. The duo is rescued by Amiee the Armorer, who they met before – and soon, the Crimson Draco Legion is hot on their tail! Now the sword must be reforged – and yet again, by the end of this season – our heroes encounter one final dragon – the most evil of all the dragons – the fabled Dragon of Silverlake – and they discover the rumors of it being alive or dead – are all true! But how?

Check out Season One (Episodes 01-21)
Check out Season Two (Episodes 22-42)
Check out Season Three (Episodes 43-65)

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