Legend of Grimrock: Destiny’s Chance. (Part 26)


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Tawmis stood, hands on the bars of the cage and rattled them as much as he could, as if hoping he could bend them. “I refuse to fight in a gladiator ring again. I refuse to be a slave.” Tawmis’ eyes drifted to Taren who had been unusually silent. For both of them, they met in a gladiator ring. Together, they fought side by side and earned their freedom. But the time as a Gladiator was harsh. They had witness so much death, so much brutality. “We will find a way out of this,” Tawmis assured the massive minotaur.

Taren turned and looked at Tawmis and gave him a weak smile. “I am sure we will. Our path is just unclear at the moment.”

Suddenly the ship lurched to the right unexpectedly, sending all of them crashing painfully into the metal bars, unable to adjust to the sudden shift in the ship’s direction. Blaz’tik tried to pull himself up, but the ship was still pulling hard to the right. “What -tic!- is going on?”

“I’ve been on enough ships,” Taren replied. “This is not natural. I don’t even hear any wind. Something is pulling the ship to the right. And pulling very hard.”

Coy peered through one of portholes of the ship. “You may not hear winds, but those skies have turned black! Look!”

Outside it was as if a grey bottle of paint was spilled across the sky. Slowly, it spread, devouring the once blue skies, and making them dark and grey. Accompanying the change, the sea also began to surge; large waves slammed up against the ship, which rocked the entire boat. Down below, Tawmis and others found themselves being batted around their prison cages. Above deck, the crew members were shouting; the voices of most were clearly drenched in just as much fear as they were wet. Tawmis turned to Blaz’tik, “This you’re doing?”

“I’m afraid not,” Blaz’tik replied, his mandibles clicking nervously.

“This is not a natural storm,” Taren stared out the porthole. The ship took a massive dive, her front piercing deep into the ocean as she came over the wave. As she came back over the next wave, an island came into view.

“That’s Nex,” Coy replied.

“Isn’t that where you’re from?” Tawmis asked.

“Yes,” Coy replied, though he didn’t sound excited.

Just then, someone in the crow’s nest shouted something about land.

Then came the crash; and the coral reef ripped through the bottom of the boat, cutting her open, filling her with water.

The last thing Tawmis heard before the water washed over him was Coy mentioning something about “The Master.”


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