Still fighting with the host (Arvixe).

Unless they do something DRASTIC to turn this experience around – As of right now, I’d never recommend Arvixe to anyone – ever again. They put a halt on the site’s upload, because there was too much there – even though I have “unlimited space.” So I am not sure what the problem was. They opened a ticket and demanded a response within 48 hours. I gave them one – the very same day, which was polite, and pointed out a similar issue happened back in 2011 (and I was smart enough to keep that whole transaction). Day goes by; nothing. I chat in to support. They promise to “up the urgency.” Next day, nothing. Chat in, they promise to have “senior techs examine it.” Next day – can you guess? Nothing. Chat in, “Will be handled with urgency.” I can imagine you know what happens next right? Did you guess “Nothing.” If you did, you’re correct. I took to Twitter, and they responded to me on Twitter; but still no word from the Abuse team about even LOOKING into my ticket, let alone resolving it. Now it’s been a week, and still there. So I have been backing up everything in preparation to move to a different host, because this has gone beyond the point of ridiculousness. I even took to Twitter, and while the support answered me there, and promised to have “senior admins examine the issue” – as I said, here we are, a week in and not even a response from the Abuse team.


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