Machinima 2005 Film Festival Q&A.

If you were unable to attend the M2T5 Film Festival, I had managed to record some of the Q&A with several machinima folks on the stage for some Q&A. I had uploaded the file (which was rather large), and just recently Ben someone from contacted me and asked if they could make streaming versions of the video to host on – which, of course, I agreed to because Ben someone has always been very cool over at (not to mention, it would allow me to remove the file and simply link to the streaming versions! Sneaky, am I not?)

So if you would like to download/watch the Lo-Res Version of the 2T5Machinima Film Festival Q&A – Go here.

And if you want the Hi-Res version of the video, you can go here.

Thanks Ben whoever at for this!

PS: You should watch the first five minutes at least. It has a mini NeN intro, and then it has Adam threatening to kick my ass. It’s pretty funny.

Nameless started a thread in our forum regarding this over here.

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