Happy 2006

OMG it’s 2006!

2005 was a banner year for Neverending Nights. We didn’t finish up the season, we didn’t win any awards, we didn’t complete the DVD… Wait 2005 sucked!

Actually 2005 was a great year for Tom and I. We did get to go to the Machinima 2005 Film Festival in NY where we got to meet some fans and other filmmakers. Chessrook, TMRiddle, Reece, Amanda, Ben, and Paul. We continued to make NEN despite my raging case of Attention Deficit Disorder. 2005 saw the construction of our very own sound booth and we added a 5th computer to the film studio. We introduced some great characters into the series and said goodbye to some others.

However 2005 would of truly sucked if it hadn’t been for you. The people reading this. Our fans.

On New Years night we gathered at Poppy’s (salt vendor) house to watch the new year chime in and we had a special treat. The prototype NEN DVD. That’s right, we have the prototype done. Now I know what your saying, “how can you have a DVD without the last two episodes?” Well I don’t know, But we do. Once the last Episode is finished we will get the audio commentary done and get the DVD finalized. Then we will have the sponsors section on the site up and you can sponsor your favorite website and get Neverending Night’s season one on DVD. We can’t sell the DVD so you get it as your free gift for donating to our bandwidth fund. Details to follow.

2006 looks to be a great year for us here at Neverending Night’s. I hope you stick around to share is with us.

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