More Neverending Nights goodness?

Well, if you’ve watched Neverending Nights – and thought to yourself, each time the episode ends, ‘Man, I wish I could get more!’ Well, guess what – in the upcoming episodes you will! It’s been a trend (though not intentional I promise!) that each episode has been longer in length than the last – the only one not to meet that requirement is Episode 6! (And don’t worry, it will be available for download soon! But before we release it, we’re going to release the special video we did for PC GAMER UK here in a few days!) Anyway, we just finished writing Episode 7 (which is the longest to date) and Episode 8 – both of these episodes look like a good size of Neverending Nights goodness!

And with any luck, Adam will be over here, at this oh so expensive recording studio at FNBH Productions, so we can voice Episode 7 and also Episode 8! (Hopefully we can do the filming for one, or both, next weekend!)

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