Episode 7: Things That Make You Go… Boom?

Our longest episode to date, this one nearly rakes in at 6 minutes! And it’s gonna be costly on your download time and our precious bandwidth! If you head into the video section, you will see that Episode 7: Things That Make You Go… Boom? (Right Click SAVE AS…) is available for download… but this one weighs in at 74 megs zipped! I imagine if this keeps up, we will eventually be offering Hi-Res and Low-Res versions of the video.

And naturally, after you check it out, head into our forum and let us know what you thought of the episode. (And of course, if you have not already – just jump into any conversation that’s to be found there!)

Oh, and if you have not already – something I recommend for any Neverwinter Nights, or Bioware fan, is to sign up for their montly newsletter. It’s a great way to keep current on what they have planned for the future, new patches for various games, general news, and just all around cool stuff. Sound good? Trust me, it should! So head over to Bioware’s site and sign up now for the newsletter!

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