Episode 16? Where is it?

If you’re wondering where Episode 16 is – trust me, it’s not far behind! I just finished the audio last night. And spent all night exporting the footage. So if I am left alone tonight, I should be able to finish it tonight or tomorrow. It’s a pretty long episode – running just over 8 minutes (or was it 9 minutes?) Anyway, our episodes seem to keep getting a little longer than the last.

I would have had it done this weekend, but it was a pretty insane weekend. I’ve been house hunting with my wife and mother-in-law! And after a fiasco over a house on Friday, that went on into Saturday – I was already drained. Fortunately, Amiee’s mother does this for a living. So it’s great having her in our corner. It may have worked out for the best, because we found a house, a bit out of the way and up on a little mountain, but it’s a house I am in love with, and we’re putting in an offer sometime today. (So wish me luck!)

And while I am talking about mother-in-laws, ya know your typical horror story, about how mother-in-laws are evil? Well, this is clearly not the case. She is ready to support Adam and I with NeN anyway she can – especially if we attain permission from Bioware to release a DVD! And when I mentioned I’d love to move the studio from Adam’s garage, to inside the house – she was all for it. She didn’t shoot me down or anything. So I thought that was really cool. Of course, she loves Adam to death, so it’s really no surprise that she’d be supportive of what we’re doing!

Anyway, just wanted to give you a tiny update.

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